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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gift of Reading Blog Hop

Welcome to the Gift of Reading Blog Hop.
This weekend my friends and I wanted to share some great reading ideas and activities for you to use in your classroom for the upcoming holiday.

During the hop, I am offering my Compound Mittens for FREE! This set includes 3 sets of compound words to match. A black and white version is also included
  If you are reading one of the Mitten Books (below) be sure to use Compound Mittens with this book.

Here are some great Mitten Books:

* * *

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Stop by my Winter and Christmas Freebies Pinterest Board.
It's already full of goodies!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Educents Deal for Grades 3rd-5th Grades

Educents Bundle Deal is here! If you are a 3rd-5th grade teacher, this deal is for you! 
Some teacher friends and I have teamed up to load you up with resources to make teaching a bit easier!  
 Educents 3-5 Deal
 $114.15 retail value available for a limited time for $29.99 which is 74% off!  
Extreme value alert!

This pack includes 27 instant downloads and 739 pages of materials including centers, printables, units of study, flippables, book studies, centers, and much, much more.

Academic Concepts Covered
     Parts of speech
    Sight words
 Word work
 Types of sentences
 Reading strategies
    Authors purpose
   Character analysis
   Book studies
     Adding and subtracting fractions
     Finding common denominators
     Multiplication and division
  Multistep word problems
     Writing Process
   Geometry and measurement

Check out the previews below...    














If you're a 3rd-5th Grade Teacher, this pack is for you!

Look for this picture over at Educents:

Thanks for stopping by! 
See you soon, 

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Milestone Celebration and Freebie!


I am celebrating a milestone on TPT this week! Wow! I could not have achieved this goal without YOU! You guys have been amazing, loyal, and supportive along this journey. You will never know just how much I appreciate you!

 Subtracting Across Zeros
I wanted to let you know that starting today, you will be able to snag my Subtracting Across Two Zeros for FREE!! This will be free until Nov. 16th.
Subtracting Across Two Zeros is a fun little pack to practice a hard skill. Hopefully your students will be pros when done with the activities in this subtracting pack!

Thanks for your support!
See you soon,

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Odd/Even Freebie- Shark Tank

 Shark Tank
Freebie! Shark Tank is a thrilling game of excitement! Not only will students be having fun, but they will also be practicing addition facts AND odd/even numbers.

Players start in the middle of the gameboard (on the diver). They take turns rolling 2 dice and adding for a sum. If the sum is an odd number, they move 1 bubble down toward the house at the bottom to be safe. If the sum is an even number, they move 1 bubble up toward the shark to be eaten!
Play continues as players move up and down the bubble path until a player reaches the house at the bottom to be safe and wins the game. Or until the player reachers the shark at the top and loses the game because he/she was just eaten!

Shark Tank and more games are included in my Odd/Even Pack.
 Odd and Even Activities
This Odd/Even Pack is perfect for learning or reviewing odd and even numbers. It is loaded with ideas to use in your classroom.
It includes 3 anchor charts, 1 lesson on forming teams and partners, 6 game boards, 1 center, and 7 worksheets.
Students will have a grasp on number sense and odd/even numbers with all the activities in this packet.

Don't forget you can also find this Odd and Even pack right here on TTO at a discounted price!

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