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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Take a "Lick" Out of Reading- Freebie

 Free! Take a LICK out of Reading
Take a Lick Out of Reading! This visual will help students generate some questions about their reading. They will have all the question words in front of them so they don't leave anything out.

Use this with partner reading. Students can ask each other questions about what they were reading together.

These question words can help students write up some questions about the story they are reading. using all the question words.

Anyway you use them, you will be helping students take a Lick out of reading!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time,

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Blog Hop

Happy 4th of July everyone! I'm thrilled you stopped by on your busy and festive weekend. You can relax in front of your computer and have a little fun while you're here. At the bottom of this post, there is a linky showcasing all the bloggers that are participating.

Here is what I'm including: Red, Write, and Blue -Revising Sentences! There are 24 sentences for students to revise and rewrite. An Editor's Checklist is included. Perfect for anytime of the year. Set them in your writing centers for a fun way to revise!
And as an added bonus, all of the participating bloggers have 'pooled their cash' to purchase 4 $25 TpT gift certificates and 1 $10 Target gift card!

The first four selected will receive the TpT gift certificates and the 5th winner will receive the Target gift card!
Enter here, or on any of the participating blogs:

Here are all the Blogs Participating:

Please have a safe holiday! See you back here soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Days of the Week Freebie!

 Freebie! Days of the Week
Days of the Week strips for FREE!

Use these Days of the Week Strips at a reading center. Students put the days in order and record their answers on a Recording Sheet.

      Post the Days of the Week Strips on a Word Wall for correct spellings or words to know how to spell all the time.

      For a warm-up activity or Brain Break, give seven students 1 of the Days of the Week Strip. Tell students to organize themselves so they are in order. (Make multiple copies so more students can play.)

Use the Days of the Week Strips at calendar time. Let students change out the days of the week each day. 

Thanks for stopping by!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

You Oughta Know....

Today I am linking up with Mrs. McClain over at Buzzing with Mrs. McClain for her monthly "You Oughta Know" blog hop. Other bloggers and I will be sharing something that You Oughta Know for your classroom.

You Oughta Know....about Page Protectors! They have so many uses for the classroom that I wanted to share some of the ways I use them.  The thin (el cheap-o) are the best kind. Anything less than 2.4 mil thickness and has a smooth feel seems to work best for marking and erasing.

I use the Page Protectors for:

  1. White Boards! Slide a piece of paper in the page protector. Card stock works best for sturdiness. Use a dry erase marker to mark on them. The marks erase easily. You can insert colored paper to make it fancy. Put yellow paper on one side and white on the other. The possibilities are endless. Plus they are so thin and light, they are easy to store and put away. 
  2. Worksheets! Save some paper by putting a worksheet in a page protector for students to complete at small group or centers. Again, use a dry erase marker to mark answers and wipe clean for the next student. For example I put this sheet in a page protector when I'm working with a small group or tutoring. Students use a dry erase marker to fill in the boxes. I check their work and the student erases their work and does it again, or I call another student over. It's better to make 4 copies than 25 copies. Click the picture for this free download.
     Free 1 more 10 more 1 less 10 less
  3. Work Stations or Centers!  I fill a 3-ring notebook with handwriting practice sheets. Students use the dry erase markers to practice their writing skills. They love it. They can use a marker instead of a pencil to practice handwriting. You can fill the 3-ring notebook with any type of worksheets. For example I used them here for Number Ladders. Easy to store, clean up, and get out for the next group.  
  4. Game Boards Instead of laminating, slip a game board or a sheet of task cards in a page protector. If you do not have a laminating machine, or you do not have time to laminate, use a page protector instead! They can be interchangeable or left in and used for next year. Plus they are protected so you can laminate later. For example in this case, I didn't have time to laminate and cut-out the task cards. I just put them in a page protector. Students take the 6 task cards on 1 page to their desk and work. I use them for tutoring too. It's easy to carry a bunch of task cards with me and then they are organized and in one place. 
  5. Storage I put directions to a game in a page protector and then the task cards that I have cut-out are stored in the protector. Once the center is finish I put the cards in the page protector and then it's easy to clean up and store. Then everything is together and nothing gets lost.
  6. Erasable "To Do" Lists I put a "To Do" list in a page protector too. I can add and delete on a daily basis without wasting paper. It sits on my desk and when I remember to do something I add it to my list or erase it when the task is complete. This Weekly List is here for free. Click the picture to download this copy.  
     Free weekly list
How do you use page protectors in the classroom?
Is there something I oughta know? 

Below is a link of other bloggers who shared something that You Oughta Know. Check it out!

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Capacity Creatures and a Free Poster

 Capacity Creatures Task Cards-Using Customary Units
You are going to love these Capacity Creatures Task Cards-Using Customary Units! It is loaded with fun and engaging Task Cards to help students find equivalent equations, comparing/contrasting, use problem solving skills, and convert gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. It is on sale this week at TPT. Click the picture.

Here are some examples of the task cards:

 Free Capacity Creature Poster
You do not want to be without the Capacity Creature Poster. This lovely little creature will keep your students' attention as they use the creature to help them convert customary units. This is here for FREE! Just click the picture to download your Capacity Creature!

You can find Capacity Creatures here on Teacher's Take-Out:

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June/July Freebies Linky Party

June/July Freebies Linky Party is here! Do you need some fun resources for the summer? Check out the summer Linky Party. 
Do you have a product you would like to share with others? Feel free to link up and share with your friends. 

If you link up your summer Themed freebie, it will be pinned to this Pinterest Board:
 June July Freebies

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Friday, May 30, 2014

And the Memorial Day Blog Hop Winner is....

We have a winner! Drum roll please......Meredith M! She won the $10.00 in free products from my store. She chose 3 good ones too!

 Main Idea Making Inference Word Task Cards

I hope Meredith can use these for her kiddos! I want to thank everyone for  hopping by last weekend to join the Memorial Day Blog Hop. I hope you picked up some goodies! Have a FANTASTIC end of the year!! Stay tuned this summer for some fun activities for summer school or to keep your kids at home busy!

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Blog Hop

Welcome to the Memorial Day Blog Hop! I am really excited to share my new product with you this weekend.

In honor of Memorial Day, My Teacher Pay Teacher store will be 20% off until Monday, May 26th! Plus another bonus! A giveaway to win $10.00 in free products from my store! Just enter the Giveaway below. One winner will be chosen on Tuesday, May 27th.

 Free QR Codes
My Freebie for the Memorial Day Blog Hop- Addition using QR Codes! Students add three 2-Digit numbers or they add four 2-Digit numbers. Students record their answer on a recording sheet. Then students scan the QR Code to see if they added the numbers up correctly. Perfect for beginning 3rd grade or end of the year 2nd graders. These are apple themed too so you can use all year long.

Just click the picture to be taken to your freebie for this weekend.

Now hop on over to one of my favorite blogger friends to see what goodie she has in store for you! 

Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!! Thank you to every man and women who has served to protect this country. I am very honored to support you and pay tribute to you all this weekend! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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