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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Odd/Even Freebie- Shark Tank

 Shark Tank
Freebie! Shark Tank is a thrilling game of excitement! Not only will students be having fun, but they will also be practicing addition facts AND odd/even numbers.

Players start in the middle of the gameboard (on the diver). They take turns rolling 2 dice and adding for a sum. If the sum is an odd number, they move 1 bubble down toward the house at the bottom to be safe. If the sum is an even number, they move 1 bubble up toward the shark to be eaten!
Play continues as players move up and down the bubble path until a player reaches the house at the bottom to be safe and wins the game. Or until the player reachers the shark at the top and loses the game because he/she was just eaten!

Shark Tank and more games are included in my Odd/Even Pack.
 Odd and Even Activities
This Odd/Even Pack is perfect for learning or reviewing odd and even numbers. It is loaded with ideas to use in your classroom.
It includes 3 anchor charts, 1 lesson on forming teams and partners, 6 game boards, 1 center, and 7 worksheets.
Students will have a grasp on number sense and odd/even numbers with all the activities in this packet.

Don't forget you can also find this Odd and Even pack right here on TTO at a discounted price!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Theme Activities

I have some fun, free, and paid products that are Halloween theme. Your students will be screaming with delight with these fun activities that you can use in your classroom all October long. The activities are perfect for centers, class work, homework, warm-ups, a class party, or class lessons. All activities are enriched with learning ideas from the curriculum.
 Halloween Theme Activities
Halloween Theme Pack has a ton of educational ideas to use for the month of October. It uses math, reading, writing, and science. 

 Halloween Theme Activities
Math Activities Include:
Coordinate Grids
Left, Right, Center (addition or multiplication game)
Pumpkin Addition
A Jar of Bats and Spiders (addition or multiplication game)
Measure and Weight a real pumpkin
M&M math (addition or multiplication worksheets)

 Halloween Theme Activities
Reading/Writing Centers Include:
Sequence writing
It used to be a pumpkin seed, but now it's a...
Syllable words
Halloween Boggle Board
ABC order
Noun-Verb-Adjective game

Science and Other Resources Include:
2 Science experiments
Boo Board -Generic to use for any subject
Recipes to roast pumpkin seeds

Here are 2 FREE and Thrilling Math Games your students will love!
 Free Wicked Witch Game  Free Poison Pumpkin Addition Game

 Halloween 2 Digit Word Problems
Halloween Word Problems use 2-Digit Addition and Subtraction. This little pack includes 30 Task Cards, Recording Sheet, and an Answer Key. 
Students will be wanting to do more with these fun  and engaging word problems. 

Place Value Pumpkins will surly have your students practicing place value. Each set includes 24 Task Cards that have students matching place value blocks with a standard form number. 
 Place Value Pumpkins to 10s Place  Place Value Pumpkins to 100s Place Place Value Pumpkins to 1000s place

 Free Pumpkin Glyph
Here is a FREE Pumpkin Glyph. Students follow directions on a legend to create a pumpkin that matches characteristics about themselves. Students try to identify which pumpkin belongs to who. This is definitely a fun and cute little project to learn about each other.

Last but not least, here are 2 Writing Products to spruce up your writing units with some Halloween fun!
 Bone Chilling Stories
Bone Chilling Stories has 3 writing centers. Read all about it HERE.

 RIP Word Choice Activity
RIP-Put those old words to rest with this fun idea on Word Choice. Students generate new words to replace tired, old words.

Your students will be screaming with delight all October long with these Halloween Theme Activities.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Harvest of Freebies Blog Hop

Welcome to the Harvest of Freebies Blog Hop!

I love the month of October! So what better way to celebrate the month than with some cool freebies. Right?
My freebie this weekend is a newbie! I thought it would be really great to let my followers and fellow blog hoppers be the first to harvest this product for free!

 Fall Opinion Writing
Fall Opinion Writing- This little pack includes 24 task cards that have a fall question on it. These questions are meant to spark some interest in students to write some of their opinions on the subject.
Also included are 2 anchor charts to help with transition words, 1 graphic organizer to write thoughts down, and 1 writing page for final draft and presentation. Here are the 2 anchor charts.

Don't forget to check out my Fall and Halloween Freebies Pinterest Board. It's really growing with some fabulous freebies that are free all the time.(Not just for hops.)

I am also having a giveaway! TWO winners will win a product from my store. (bundles excluded) All you need to do to enter the giveaway is leave a comment right here on my blog or leave feedback on my product when you download it. That's it!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Friday, September 19, 2014

An Apple for the Teacher Blog Hop

Welcome to An Apple for the Teacher Blog Hop! Teachers work really hard and deserve a treat! So this weekend from September 20-23 you will find an apple treat (freebie) from every blog in this hop that you visit.

I am giving away my True/False Equation with QR Codes this weekend! This self-checking math center is super fun! Students figure out if the equation is true or false, record their answer on the recording sheet, and scan the QR Code to see if they are correct.
You will need a scanning device to scan the QR Code like an ipad or iphone.
Just click the picture to download from my TPT Store.
I am also adding a giveaway! 
One Winner will win another apple product
of their choice from my store. 
You will be able to choose from one of these four products:
 Apple Subtractions

To Enter the Raffle, Just follow me on one of my sites.
 You will be able to earn another 10 entries if you leave feedback  on
 TPT, FB, or my Blog. Good Luck! 

Click Here to hop on over to Sweet Integrations for the next apple treat
A huge THANK YOU to all teachers! You are a huge blessing!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Place Value Land with Pirates

AARRGHHH Matey! Talk Like a Pirate Day is approaching (September 19th) and I wanted to share a Pirate Product:
Place Value Land using 1,000's, 10,000's, and 100,000's place.

This Pack is separated into 3 sets. Each set includes a set of numbers to use with 3 game boards and 4 worksheets. See the previews below.

You can find Place Value Land right here on Teacher's Take-Out for a discounted price.

Need some more Pirate Themes? I'm hooking up with my friend, Krista in her Math Madness Wednesday. She's holding a Pirate theme this week to share Talk Like a Pirate Day. Check it out!

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